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The Center of Chiropractic is dedicated to improving their patient’s quality of life through holistically evaluating and treating the sources of pain. Based in Houston, Texas, the clinic hosts an expert staff dedicated to the treatment of pain. The team at Center of Chiropractic focuses on providing comprehensive solutions, managing, and addressing the underlying causes of pain. All with the goal of helping patients to get back to enjoying healthy, pain-free lives. A consultation with Dr. Shakeri can be arranged through our website or by phone call.

Mercedez Suarez

Mercedez was born and raised in Houston, TX. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is an experienced medical receptionist adept in providing excellent administrative and clerical support. Skilled in maintaining schedules, making appointments, taking messages, and treating patients with care and respect, bringing forth the ability to manage front desk settings with organization and sense of calm. She strives to bring positivity with her each day so she can fulfill patient’s needs that apply to her role as a front medical receptionist. In her spare time, she enjoys to spending quality time with family and friends.